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Ahead of Copenhagen Fashion Week, 7 Danish Brands Share Sneak Peeks of Their New Collections

Copenhagen Fashion Week is the first stop on the spring 2022 “local” that will travel...

Copenhagen Fashion Week is the first stop on the spring 2022 “local” that will travel to New York, London, Milan, Paris, and other cities before arriving at its final destination. Most shows will be in-person this season, but a hybrid model remains in place, with some brands sticking with digital formats. This combination, which offers designers flexibility, and the opportunity to flex their creative muscles in new ways, seems likely to become the “new norm.”

One of the things that sets CPFW apart from other regional weeks is the way the Danish Fashion Institute has prioritized sustainability. By 2023 only brands that meet certain “green” standards will be eligible to show in their capital. Most labels on the calendar already have responsible protocols in place. A review of the newer names on the roster reveals other themes in Danish fashion.

A bohemian spirit, combined with clean lines, is arguably Danish fashion’s most defining characteristic; look for it at Skall Studio and the relaunched Day Birger et Mikkelsen. The influence of influencers continues to be felt, as Sophia Roe (445K followers) and Charlotte Esklildsen develop their line The Garment. The country that gave us the Pusher series (with Mads Mikkelson as the fast-living Tonny), has long delivered on street style, a vein that newcomer Nikolaj Storm (no relation to the city’s concept store) is tapping into. The brother and sister team at (di)vision are exploring a DIY aesthetic, while Amalie Røge Hove Geertsen and Louise Lyngh Bjerregarrd are taking knitwear in sexy, and yes, sustainable, directions. Meet the designers below.

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