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Seventies Hairstyle

People with a round face tend to have this concern about not getting a proper...

People with a round face tend to have this concern about not getting a proper style to fit their face. People with a face have the tendency of showing the face completely. A round face means the length and the width are of the same size. Instead of going for long straight, long curly, short bobbed, or short spiked hair styles, round faces generally look more appealing in medium hair that falls onto the shoulder. Particularly wavy layered hair looks very good fashion designer on a round face. However, this will not happen if you use natural moisturizer, whether it is natural face moisturizer or natural body moisturizer. These moisturizers bond with the outer layer of your skin cells, help to hydrate your skin once again without robbing it of its natural moisture. Natural moisturizer actually retains the natural moisture of your skin, keeping it away from thieving irritants, such as chemicals found in conventional moisturizers.

Although you may have heard the term hundreds of times before, you may still find yourself asking, what is geek chic? Geek chic is a popular fashion style for both men and women that embraces the geeky or nerdy culture while still looking trendy. It takes those stereotypical “geek” looks, such as thick rimmed glasses and suspenders, and blends it with some dressy accessories so that the wearer looks fashionable while still keeping touches of a geekier lifestyle that makes their look more fun. The military buzz cut is a tapered buzz that is just slightly longer on top than on the sides. This bald fade trims the sides very short, shaving the hair down to the skin at the nape and ears. Low-maintenance and effortless, the buzz cut fade hairstyle is still popular.

Avoid foundations that feel heavy, creamy or thick. Instead, look for water based or mineral based foundations to reduce the likelihood of skin problems. Two of the best oil-free foundations are Dinair and Glam Air Matte Makeup for Oily Skin. They feel incredibly light weight, and provide high-pigment coverage of blemishes and freckling without looking cakey. Surprisingly enough, even though these are water-based foundations, they are also are water resistant – making them long lasting on oily skin types. The most powerful cleansing therapy in Maharishi Ayurveda is “panchakarma” therapy, a series of natural treatments ideally performed twice yearly, that involves 5-7 days in a row of massage, heat treatments and mild herbal enemas. Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of undergoing this cleansing program once or twice a year to prevent impurities from accumulating, localizing and hardening in the tissues. Just as we change the oil in our cars regularly for optimal performance and lifespan, Ayurveda recommends that we cleanse the “sludge” from our tissues on a regular basis through panchakarma treatments.