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The range of hairstyles available to women began to expand as the world entered a...

The range of hairstyles available to women began to expand as the world entered a new century in 1900. Natural ingredients that are now in great demand for skin lightening are honey, shea butter, lemon juice, coconut oil, goat’s milk, papaya, yogurt and aloe vera just to name a few. The use of natural products from your local grocer is far more safer and of course more affordable for the lower income tier of bleaching enthusiasts. Bleach and depilatory creams – these methods are temporary as they remove the hair from the skin’s surface and not from the root. Many women get irritations because when the chemicals in the creams dissolve, they can irritate the skin surrounding the hair. If you´re done with short bobs and ready to grow your straight locks into a longer hairstyle, consider a shoulder-length textured shag with bangs. The uneven, brushed-forward pieces frame the face and make this choppy, dark brown shag a great plus-size haircut.

Let’s talk about a good skin care regimen masque. Incorporating this into your skin care regimen will give your skin a boost of beauty; it will help to prolong and support the good health and look of your skin. With the continuous use of the masque the face will recuperate the firmness and will diminish wrinkles. To maximize its effects, exfoliate before using any masque. This will help the masque to penetrate better and work at the molecular level of your skin. Before applying it, heat the masque a little bit in your hand, this way it will work better. Avoid the eye area, there are masques made specifically for the eyes. By following these simple tips, you will always experience the best of your favorite masque. Some homemade masques are made with: clay, egg, etc.

Kapha skin is more prone to clogging and needs more cleansing than other skin types. Be careful to avoid greasy, clogging creams. Likewise, avoid heavy, hard to digest foods like fried foods, fatty meats, cheeses and rich desserts. Eat more light, easy to digest, astringent, bitter and pungent (well-spiced) foods as they balance kapha. Olive oil is the best cooking oil and a little ginger and lime juice can be taken before meals to increase your characteristically sluggish digestive fire. Take warm baths often and use gentle cleansers to open the skin pores. Avoid getting constipated and try to get some exercise every day to increase circulation and help purify the skin through the sweating process. Short hair for round faces looks beautiful in sleek asymmetrical hairstyles Use a large barrel round brush while blow drying. Curling hair under gives you a sleek, modern look.

9) Body (Her body is fairly important, but lets face it once she has had a few of our babies, it is probably not going to be as attractive. What a body should demonstrate is the health of a woman, not too thin which would demonstrate malnurishment, not too fat which would demonstrate a lack of fitness and unhealthy lifestyle. In general a nice body might be the thing that draws fashion designer our attention across a bar, but we are going to have to spend the rest of our life with this women, so surely personality and rapport is going to be more important. Supermodels have superb bodies, would I like to spend the rest of my life with a supermodel? I don’t think so. In general as long as she at least has an average body, her personality is far more important).