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Most people do not realize this but you can remove age spots by doing a...

Most people do not realize this but you can remove age spots by doing a little research to equip yourself with the knowledge to find the best available natural remedy. I appreciate the neutral view of the article. Instead of going with the assumed belief that she was a mean bitch and dissing her (which maybe she was)it tells the other side of the story of a woman who was queen of hollywood in the 30’s and had a career spanning 40 yrs. They dont’ make them like her anymore. She was hollywood glamour in every sense. Her daughter Christina ruined her reputation with the book and movie and none of what she claimed happened could be proven. I always thought it was her way of getting back at her mother and making money at the same time and that the truth wasn’t the most important thing. If any of it were true it was probably grossly exaggerated for the screen, but I doubt most of it was true. How caddy to attack someone when they’re dead. Definitely not classy. Joan Crawford will always be one of the hollywood icons from the Golden Age in my book. I think she is passed up and overlooked too much by people because of her daughter. What a shame.

As a lover of face masks I could not wait to try the Cucumber Tonic Mask. Though admittedly at first I was a little concerned with how watery the consistency of this mask is as it had me worried that it would take a lot of product to make it stay on or that it wouldn’t dry completely. However I’m pleased to say that I needn’t have worried at all. This doesn’t mean that you have to buy the most expensive products, it just means to buy the best fashion designer products you can for your skin. The best doesn’t always mean the most expensive. The prices of my skincare products varies. I just find what I like and if i can afford a higher end product that I adore (I love Estee Lauder), I buy it. I also have more affordable favorites (I like simple foaming cleanser and Pond’s Dry Skin Cream). Good skincare is more about your level of commitment to doing your best versus expensive products I feel.