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The key factor of looking more beautiful is to hold the best hairdos according to...

The key factor of looking more beautiful is to hold the best hairdos according to your facial shape. Kapha skin is more prone to clogging and needs more cleansing than other skin types. Be careful to avoid greasy, clogging creams. Likewise, avoid heavy, hard to digest foods like fried foods, fatty meats, cheeses and rich desserts. Eat more light, easy to digest, astringent, bitter and pungent (well-spiced) foods as they balance kapha. Olive oil is the best cooking oil and a little ginger and lime juice can be taken before meals to increase your characteristically sluggish digestive fire. Take warm baths often and use gentle cleansers to open the skin pores. Avoid getting constipated and try to get some exercise every day to increase circulation and help purify the skin through the sweating process. Short hair for round faces looks beautiful in sleek asymmetrical hairstyles Use a large barrel round brush while blow drying. Curling hair under gives you a sleek, modern look.

This is a skin care product you just cannot do without. A sunscreen protects your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun and shields the skin from aging and forming wrinkles earlier. A good sunscreen with the right SPF can be your best friend in the sun. A sunscreen can save you from unnecessary tanning and maintain your complexion. To get the solution for swollen and tired eyes, mix some amount of sandalwood powder and rose water, apply it lightly fashion designer on the eyelids with fingers and wash it with lukewarm water after drying for 10 minutes. She is a petite actress that is one of the most fashionable celebrities in Hollywood. She always does such an amazing job of dressing herself in elegant and sexy outfits. She has slim legs that are shapely and typically accentuated by a pair of towering high heels. It is fairly obvious that she takes the time to workout as she appears fit and toned.

While the oil is very thick, it is still easy to apply with one pump being enough to generously cover the entire face; and although I didn’t notice a significant difference to my scarring during the first week, I did find that my skin felt a lot smoother and appeared brighter. Now a days we are spending millions of dollars on skin and hair care cosmetics. Most of them are loaded with toxic chemicals which may seriously affect our beauty in the long run. But most of us are not even aware of the side effects which these chemical-loaded products can have on our skin. They may give immediate results and you may think that they are worth the money which you are spending on them. But the truth is that they cause more harm than any benefits. Their effects are only short-lived which fades away with time. But the side effects can cause permanent damage to an extent which is irreversible.