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Though we’re still a ways away from April 25, when “all you need is a...

Though we’re still a ways away from April 25, when “all you need is a light jacket,” spring will eventually arrive at our doorsteps. And when it does, I’m not going to give up on my love for cardigans. Instead, I’m planning on swapping out all of my chunky, cable-knit sweaters for lighter, spring-ready versions: cropped, floral, sheer, gingham—you name it. 

Not to brag but as a Southern Californian, I can pretty much start wearing these lighter cardigans now. For everyone else, they’re perfect for layering until spring emerges and you can gleefully ditch the outer layers and show off your cute cropped cardi. Scroll down to shop my favorite lightweight cardigans for spring, from H&M to Gucci. 

Why not go crazy and wear this cardi with head-to-toe purple? 

I love this soft sage-green color. 

Picnic, anyone? 

Minty fresh. 

The kind of cardigan you can wear with nothing underneath. 

This sweet cardigan is like a garden party on a sweater. 

Why yes, I would like the matching top, too, please. 

This ain’t gonna keep you warm, but it is very cute. It also comes in white and black. 

Look closely: The bee buttons are the true winners here. 

Gray sweaters will go with anything in your closet, and you simply can’t beat this price tag. 

This would look fantastic over a white dress. 

The sale price for this Initimissimi cardigan is seriously tempting me right now. 

Try out the tonal trend and wear this sweater with pieces in all different shades of brown. 

Pretty in pink. Rixo never lets me down when it comes to cheery prints. 

The statement-collar trend lives on. 

Ruffles? Bows? Check and check. 

Just a touch of nautical chic. 

This sale is pretty darn good if you ask me.

This frilly collar couldn’t be sweeter. 

More pretty pastels for you.

It’s already French girl approved, so there’s that. 

Like your grandma’s cardigan but better. 

I’m sensing a theme here: Bow ties seem to be replacing buttons these days. 

I love a fresh all-white look. 

This is a great floral option if you don’t like super-cutesy styles. 

Camel colors always look so sophisticated. 

Sorry, but I had to throw Gucci in here. 

I told you—bows are everywhere. 

Double the color, double the fun. 

Don’t overlook these cute faux pearl buttons. 

The collar and pockets give this sweater a cool grandpa vibe. 

The ideal lightweight cardigan for pretty much every outfit. 

Next, I found Reformation’s next sellout top, and it’s very Bridgerton

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