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One of the questions women most frequently have regarding makeup is how to apply makeup...

One of the questions women most frequently have regarding makeup is how to apply makeup for everyday wear. 12:00 am – 2:00 am: If you still cannot sleep and not into the casino game, then go to Stardust Lounge Deck 5 FWD and watch the movie for today. For this slot, it was ‘Winter’s Tale’, a love story starring Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay and Russell Crowe. I didn’t watch it but comments from friends that saw it loved it. I guess romantic movie is perfect when you are on a cruise. Had Kim Kardashian put on just this rich colored bikini, the visual appeal and style factor wouldn’t have been a tenth of what it is now. This is a top tip for women with curves because the multi colored sarong is all it took to take this simple bikini to stardom. To use, first wash the affected areas using mild soap and lukewarm water. Be gentle and avoid scrubbing your skin. After washing, apply a small amount of hydrocortisone cream directly to your inflamed scars twice a day. After about three weeks of this routine, you should see a noticeable reduction in the inflammation of your acne scars.

The modern side swept hairstyle is trendy and hot on most guys, and the combed over look pairs especially well with a full beard. It’s perfect for men who have thick hair between 3 and 5 inches long. To style it, simply brush your hair to one side, being sure to leave it textured and messy in the process. A medium hold pomade with low shine or a matte finish is ideal. Medium-length hair doesn’t have to be tousled to look sexy, and this style is proof of that. The bold side part clearly defines the length of the hair, which is carefully coiffed and perfectly textured. The high fade brings a clean look that makes this style appear harder to achieve than it truly is. It’s ideal for almost all hair types. Gabrielle Union created her own line of hair care products called Flawless in 2017 Though the company isn’t actively making new products (its official website is down), you can still buy the limited supply.

SPF stands for sun protection factor, and the number is not the only important thing to look for when you go shopping for one of your own. Ideally, you want something that covers both UVA and UVB, as well as being water-proof and sweat-proof. These days, more and more brands across the high street have added SPF moisturisers to their collections, meaning it will be easier to find one more suited to your skin type. By their nature, they tend to be greasier than regular moisturisers, but there are some matte ones out there for those with oily skin. Finishing powder over the top of any moisturiser will give a more matte finish. Similarly, though there is no reason to directly discount personal testimony from a face cream review, clinical results carry far more weight. Be suspicions of claims that a product works “like a miracle”, or that a product claims something silly, like that it can stop aging altogether. What are they selling, a wrinkle cream or a time machine? Look for solid, testable results, not outlandish claims, and you will go a long way separating the scams from the honest products on the market.

I only moved on to Barbie when I could no longer find the Tammy clothes in the stores, somewhere around 1965. Before she was formally discontinued in 1996, for at least a year, Tammy doll herself was still around and being sold in King’s and Topp’s, my grandmother’s (and my) beloved go-to stores-but NOT Tammy’s clothes! They were MIA. It looks like Prada was feeling generous this season, fashion designer as nearly 12 (our count) influencers were spotted wearing the 20th anniversary version of the famous bowling bag to the show. The shape is a house classic that goes back to the 1990s and the famous Angela Lindvall ads. Judging by the diverse styles of the people toting them to Milan Fashion Week, it’s the kind of classic bag that goes with nearly every kind of personal style.